Songs are as sad as the listener. Jonathan Safran Foer (via daeum)


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An actual headline from The New York Times in 1919 

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It’s honestly so strange how things work- I break up with a guy and it’s like everyone knows and like hoards of guys start messaging me on fb and here and hit on me irl… And I’m just like hold on let me breathe for a minute. I mean don’t think you’re irreplaceable, there’s clearly people waiting in line. Not being conceited but someone should feel privileged to be with me, because I chose them over all the other options it was them I chose. So don’t mess with my heart, like I said there’s plenty of guys who would love for me to give them a chance and I wanted you instead. I don’t care about the line up I care about you.
But when you break me and throw me aside- don’t get mad when/if someone is there to help me pick up the pieces you left behind.